Commissioning Services During Covid-19

If you wish to have a document commissioned, you must book an appointment in advance by calling 519-969-7770 ext. 1262.  Appointments can be made between 8:45 am and 3:45 pm.  When you arrive for your appointment, you will be required to complete a screening form upon entering the building.

Commissioner of Oaths Services

A Commissioner of Oaths, also known as a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, is a person authorized by the Province of Ontario to take oaths or declarations when you sign an affidavit or statutory declaration.  A Commissioner is not the same as a Notary Public.  A Notary Public has much broader authority. If your document requires the signature of a Notary Public, or you require certified copies of documents, then you will need to contact a lawyer or a Notary.

The person signing the affidavit must appear before the Commissioner and must show proof of identity via Government issued photo identification such as a driver’s licence, health card or passport. The person signing the affidavit must sign the document in the presence of the Commissioner.

The Commissioner cannot witness documents where there is a requirement to personally know the person for a certain length of time, ie. Passport Guarantor.

There is no guarantee that a document can be commissioned until the document is seen by the Commissioner.

A document that is in any language other than English will not be commissioned as we cannot validate the information.

The cost for commissioning a document is $10.00


The following are some of the forms and documents a Commissioner of Oaths can sign:
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfers - Sworn statement for a transfer of a used vehicle in the province of Ontario (Service Ontario)
  • Pension Purposes-attestations of recipient being alive and confirming their residency
  • Consent letter to travel with a child (travel document)
  • Legal Name Change Application
  • Application to amend birth registrations
  • Statutory Declaration by an Applicant to Correct an Error in Registration
  • Election to Change Name of Child under age of 12 (service Ontario)
  • Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration (For the Purposes of Entry into Canada for Extended Family Members - Covid-19 Emergency Orders in Council Under the Quarantine Act)
  • Lost passport
  • Common Law or single status affidavits