Racquet Sports
Racquet Sports

Information on racquet sports and facilities in LaSalle.

Splash Pad
Splash Pad

Splash Pad and Skatepark located at the Vollmer Complex.

Dog Park
Dog Park

Located at the Vollmer Complex. Clean up after your pets please.

Boat Ramp
Boat Ramp

Information on ramp operations, launch fees and water safety.

The Town of LaSalle offers many beautiful parks you can visit year-round. Our natural landscape makes playing in the great outdoors an adventure. In addition to beautiful parks, come discover the trails. Whether you prefer walking, jogging, cycling, or mountain biking, there are a number of places you will want to investigate.

With 50 km of paved trails in LaSalle, you can walk, jog or ride your bicycle throughout the town. There are 16 signs along the trails. Be sure to check out each trail sign and read the interesting facts about LaSalle, Ontario and/or Canada. The map will help you find your way.

The Healing Hearts Forest, located south of the retention pond at the Vollmer Complex, is an outdoor space dedicated to all who have experienced loss. The setting includes 425 trees, a gazebo with benches, and a butterfly garden.  The setting is surrounded by nature and is meant to bring focus and healing. 

The Town of LaSalle offers a memorial program that allows individuals and groups to honor loved ones by purchasing memorials to be placed on municipal property. You can purchase a memorial bench to serve as a lasting tribute to your loved ones, a memorial brick dedicated in honor of someone, or a memorial tree to be placed in a park or green space. See the drop-down menu in the section below that provides more information and an online application form. 

Photo Gallery: Parks and Trails will appear here on the public site.

Parks and Trails Information

County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS)


The County of Essex has partnered with the seven local municipalities, the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA), the Windsor Essex County Health Unit (WECHU), the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), the City of Windsor and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to build a cycling and pedestrian network that will connect all of our communities. Over 800km of cycling paths and multi-use trails will be built over the next 20 plus years. Come out and Walk, Ride, County Wide.

County Wide Active Transportation System

Employment Opportunities in the Parks Department

The parks department employs full-time, seasonal and student workers. Stay up to date with employment postings by visiting our employment page.

Park Amenities

The Town of LaSalle is fortunate to have over 100 acres of parkland available for guests and residents. Features of our parks include playgrounds, pools, baseball diamonds and more!

View map of all parks, playgrounds, and trails located in the Town of LaSalle


Park and Trail Etiquette

  • Throw trash in designated garbage bins or pack out what you pack in.

  • Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

  • Cyclists keep right, pass on the left and warn before passing. 

  • Use caution where trails intersect or cross streets.

  • Stay in public areas and respect private property.

  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times (except in the dog park), and pick up after your pet(s). 

Town of LaSalle Memorial Program

Please complete the online application form to request a memorial bench, tree, or brick as a lasting tribute to your loved ones. 

Memorial Request Form

Review of requests and installation of memorials will be performed in accordance with the Town of LaSalle's Memorial Program Policy

Park By-laws and Regulations

To help maintain our parks, we have established the following rules. Your co-operation in the enforcement of these rules is appreciated:

  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted in the Town parks. This includes snowmobiles, motor bikes, ATVs and automobiles.

  • By-law 8705 requires dog owners to clean up after their dogs within Town limits. Dogs must be kept on leashes in all parks.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Town parks.

  • Fires for cooking or pleasure are not permitted. Golfing is not permitted in Town parks.

  • A 10:00pm curfew is in place for all Town Parks, as per By-law 2954.

  • Launching fireworks in Town parks and property is prohibited, as per By-law 8013

Alternate formats of our By-laws are available upon request. Please contact the Clerk's office at 519-969-7770 extension 1234.

Trail Reminders

  • Cyclist keep right, pass on left and warn before passing
  • Use caution where trails intersect or cross streets
  • Stay in public areas and respect private property
  • Protect and preserve our natural environment
  • Use at own risk

Reporting Vandalism or Damage to Town Parks

If you notice vandalism or damage in Town parks, please report it to the Town. Submit online through our Citizen Issue/Request Submission portal.

Park and Pavilion Rentals

There are many beautiful parks and pavilions available for rent to host your event. Please email us to book a rental. Rentals can also be booked by phone by calling 519-969-7771 ext. 4106.

Vollmer Recreation Complex WFCU Pavilion

Vollmer Pavilion

Location: 2121 Laurier Parkway

Amenities: 25 picnic tables, garbage and recycle, electrical outlets, restroom facilities.

Capacity: 200 seated. For special events or to rent the pavilion, please email us.

Rental Fees

Restrictions: Minimum 2 hour rental.

Vollmer Recreation Complex Event Grounds

Location: 2121 Laurier Parkway

Amenities: Electricity available.

Capacity: Maximum 1500. For special events or to rent this facility, please email us.

Rental Fees

Restrictions: Minimum 2 hour rental.

Vollmer Recreation Complex WFCU Amphitheatre


The amphitheatre is a perfect venue for hosting entertainment shows, concerts and outdoor amusements. The natural landscape and quick access to parking and restrooms makes this the ultimate outdoor experience for your event.


Location: 2121 Laurier Parkway

Amenities: Natural stone stage, natural hill seating, nearby restroom facilities. Electricity available. 

Capacity: Maximum 1000. For special events or to rent the amphitheatre, please email us.

Rental Fees

Restrictions: Minimum 2 hour rental.

Brunet Park Pavilion

Brunet Park Pavilion

Location: Off of 7th Street and Normandy Street.

Amenities: 5 picnic tables, garbage.

Capacity: Maximum 40 seated.

Rental Fees

Restrictions: Minimum 2 hour rental.