Lost and Found Policy

Items turned into the Vollmer Recreation Complex will be categorized. The Town of LaSalle is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be cautious of your personal belongings at all times.

Personal Belongings

  • Personal belongings that have been lost at the Vollmer Recreation Complex such as clothing, swimwear and water bottles present a biohazard risk to patrons and employees. Lost items in this category will be discarded at the end of each business day. This category includes the following items:
    • Clothing/Swimwear
    • Undergarments
    • Bottles, Tupperware, Mugs
    • Towels
    • Glasses, Headphones, Dental Appliances


  • Valuable items found at the Vollmer Recreation Complex will be categorized as per the lists below. Valuable items will be held for one week. After this period, these items will be turned into the LaSalle Police Service. If your items cannot be found at the Vollmer Complex and it has been at least one week since you lost them, please visit the LaSalle Police Service during their business hours to identify your items. Items in this category include the following:
    • Electronics (Phones, digital watches, devices)
    • Wallets and purses
    • Cash
    • Identification
  • Other lost valuables will be stored at the Vollmer Recreation Complex for a period of approximately one week. These items include:
    • Vehicle/house keys
    • Jewelry
    • Bank cards will be shredded if not claimed within one week. Identification must be provided to retrieve a lost bank card. The identification must match the name on the card. The Town of LaSalle is not responsible for lost or stolen bank cards.

Hockey Equipment

  • Lost hockey equipment is stored at the Vollmer Recreation Complex for the duration of the hockey season from September through March. Equipment that presents a biohazard risk such as mouth guards, water bottles and undergarments will be immediately discarded. Items such as skates, sticks and helmets will be kept until April of each year. In April, all unclaimed items will be donated or discarded depending on condition of the item. The lost and found area is located at the back of Rink A. This area is left unlocked. The Town of LaSalle is not responsible for lost items.


  • Lost pets/animals will be turned over to the Animal Control Officer. The Animal Control Officer will bring lost animals to the Lakeshore Dog Pound.

RZone Respect and Responsibility Policy

RZone Logo

The RZone Program was created by the Town of Oakville over 15 years ago as an educational campaign to promote the Key Principles of Respect and Responsibility within recreation facilities. The program targets inappropriate behaviour within recreation spaces and encourages everyone to play a part in the safe and clean operation of these facilities. The program has since been adopted by numerous Ontario municipalities wishing to promote the same principles in their facilities.

The Town of LaSalle has adopted the RZone principles and wishes to promote Respect and Responsibility to users of Town recreation facilities such as the Vollmer Recreation Complex. 

The RZone Policy also applies to any other Town recreation facilities and spaces including:

  • Public Pools
  • Parks and Trails
  • Outdoor Sport Fields
  • Arenas
  • Fitness Centre
  • Town Events

A copy of the Town of LaSalle RZone Policy is available online for users. 

Refund Policy

Visit our Credits and Refunds page to view our refund policy on recreational activities.

Pool Admission Policy

Visit our Swimming Schedule page to view our pool admission policy.

Photography Policy

Patrons wishing to use video cameras and cell phones to take photos and/or videos, in any registered or supervised program, must receive permission from staff before filming. The use of all cameras or any other devices that take photographs is prohibited in all change room and washroom areas in all Town facilities.

Town staff may take pictures of people involved in various programs to be used for promotional materials or on our website.

Our facilities are open to the public and media personnel may visit to take photos. If you, or your child, are a participant in our programs and you do not want a photo published, please inform the staff during registration. We will make every effort possible to make sure that you, or your child, are not photographed.