Looking for a baseball diamond or soccer field? Book one game or an entire season with us. Rental permits are required to ensure the sports field will be maintained and available for your event. Insurance may be required. Outdoor sports fields are available for rent from May to October (depending on weather).


Please check our Cancellations and Changes page to ensure the fields are open.

Sports Surface Season

Town of LaSalle sports surfaces generally open the first Monday of May and close the Tuesday after Thanksgiving annually. Factors such as weather conditions and maintenance may alter the opening date.

Why are the sports fields closed?

The sports fields are now closed for the season.

Fields close for maintenance purposes or due to inclement weather/poor field conditions. The Town of LaSalle is committed to preservation and maintenance of its sports fields for the benefits of its user groups and taxpayers and preserving important Town assets.

Closing fields due to weather

  1. The Town of LaSalle reserves the right to cancel or suspend permits for games, practices or other uses whenever sports surface conditions could result in damage to the surface or injury to players.

  2. Play is not permitted on surfaces that have been closed. If play does take place, the Town will bill the user for damages.

  3. During periods of changing, adverse weather conditions, where surfaces remain open, team officials will be responsible for pre-game inspections to determine field safety and surface damage potential. If any of the following criteria are met, users should not use or stop using a field:

  • The presence of standing water

  • Water sponges around the foot when walking on a field

  • The game has begun and conditions deteriorate and the field is being damaged.

To determine if a field is safe and playable, the following factors are considered:

  1. Evidence of standing or surface water on the playing surface

  2. Field Saturation (the definition of a saturated field is one where the soil cannot absorb any additional moisture. The method to determine if a field is saturated is to walk on the playing surface. If water is present around the foot, then the field is deemed saturated)

  3. Required maintenance or repairs

  4. Safety or liability concerns with the playing surface

The final decision on a field closure is based on actual conditions at the time of inspection, not forecasted conditions. Only authorized Town of LaSalle staff can re-open a previously closed field.

When is field status determined?

Field status will be updated based on the following schedule:

  • Morning field use: by 7:30 am Monday through Friday
  • Afternoon field use: by 12:00 pm Monday through Friday
  • Evening field use: by 3:00 pm Monday through Friday
  • Weekend field use: by 7:30 am Saturday and Sunday
Field status will be communicated to user groups and the public through social media accounts

For more information, read the entire Outdoor Sports Surface Use Policy here. 

Rent a Field or Diamond

 Soccer Fields

  • There are 29 soccer fields at the Vollmer Complex. The fields range in size from small fields to international-sized fields.
  • Field use requires a rental permit. A rental permit consists of Town approval, rental payment and insurance coverage.
  • Request a soccer field rental.

 Baseball Diamonds

  • There are 6 softball diamonds and 2 hardball diamonds at the Vollmer Complex. Additional diamonds are available for booking at River Canard Park.
  • Baseball diamond use requires a rental permit. A rental permit consists of Town approval, rental payment and insurance coverage.
  • Request a baseball diamond rental.

User Groups

  • Looking to join a youth or adult organized league? View our recreation league partners.

Vollmer Complex Sports Field Map