Affordable RecreationFunding is distributed in accordance with our policy. Please visit the Municipal Policies page to view the Affordable Recreation Policy.

How to request affordable recreation funding:
 Based on family net income, individuals may be eligible for funding to take part in recreation activities. The Pathway to Potential (P2P) program, in partnership with the Town of LaSalle and County of Essex, makes funds available to support residents in LaSalle who may not have access to recreation activities. The goal of the program is to provide recreation opportunities to all individuals, regardless of financial circumstances.
 Confirm you are eligible to receive funding

Applicants must meet the following criteria to receive funding:

  • Must show proof of residency in the Town of LaSalle.
  • Provide most current Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice / Ontario Child Benefit Notice.
  • Provide most current Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency (for adult funding).

Funding eligibility is determined based on the size of your family unit and your family's annual net income, as per the Statistics Canada low income cut-offs (LICO).

 Provide PDF copies of the required documents
 Ensure you have a PDF copy of your Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice/Ontario Child Benefit Notice or your Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency. The PDF will be uploaded online.
 Complete the online form
 To request funding, please complete the online form. After completing the form, an employee from the Culture and Recreation department will follow up with you.

How can I use the funding?

Funding supports registration fees towards recreational activities and organized sports/activities. This program does not fund individual lessons, travel sports, uniform/clothing fees or yearly membership or association fees. 

How much funding can I receive?

Funding may vary. In most cases, the Pathway to Potential program provides up to 90% of funding. You are required to pay the remaining 10% of the cost of the program. 

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program is a charity to help kids in financial need take part in organized sports and recreation such as hockey, dance, soccer and swimming. Visit Jumpstart to learn more about their funding program and how to apply.