LaSalle Splash Pad image
Skateboard Park

The skateboard park is located at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex (2121 Laurier Parkway) in LaSalle.

  • Everyone using the skateboard park should wear CSA approved helmets, wrist guards and kneepads at all times.
  • The area is unsupervised. Use the park at your own risk. Children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult.
  • The skateboard park is open from 6 am to 10 pm daily.
  • Do not write, draw or paint on any of the surfaces at the park.
  • Motorized scooters/vehicles are not allowed.
  • Look over the site before skateboarding to make sure that there is nothing on the ramps.
  • Skate at your level, develop your skills and have fun!

Please report any skateboard park maintenance concerns through our online customer service portal.

Photo Gallery: Splash Pad and Skate Park will appear here on the public site.

Splash Pad

The splash pad and adjoining accessible playground are located at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex (2121 Laurier Parkway) in LaSalle.

  • The splash pad is activated by buttons, when the buttons are pressed, the water will activate.
  • The splash pad is not available for private rentals.
  • The water at the splash pad is unheated. 

The splash pad will open for the season on Friday, May 17, 2024. Hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. The splash pad closes annually on the last weekend of September. 

Please report any splash pad maintenance concerns through our online customer service portal.

Splash Pad Etiquette

Keep the Splash Pad Clean

  • Please remove all garbage before you leave and place in the garbage bins. Please be mindful that this is a public park for everyone to enjoy.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

  • Bring clean flip flops or sandals to wear at the splash pad. Street shoes are not permitted past the viewing area.

Be Courteous to Others

  • Do not spit in the splash pad or spit out water.

  • Do not play if you have open wounds.

You Can Prevent Foulings

  • Splash pad users are encouraged to use the restroom prior to entering the splash pad. Children not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

Food-Free Zone

  • Food and drinks are not permitted inside the splash pad area, but are permitted at the tables. 

Splash Pad Closures

The Splash Pad is outdoors and subject to weather conditions.  For the safety of patrons and staff, the Town of LaSalle will monitor weather conditions daily and may be required to adjust the Splash Pad Hours of Operation accordingly.  In the event of thunder and/or lightning, the splash pad will be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes from the last sighting/hearing.

A fouling will cause a closure of the splash pad for 30 minutes.  Here are some healthy habits you can take to help stop the spread of germs and reduce the number of closures at the splash pad:

  • Do not come to the the splash pad when you or your child have diarrhea or are feeling sick.  This is especially important for children in diapers.
  • Feed your children at least one hour before coming to the splash pad.
  • Take your kids to the bathroom before using the splash pad.
  • Children not toilet trained must wear swim diapers made for water use.

The splash pad is unsupervised by Town employees. Parents/guardians must supervise their children at all times. Please be kind and share the space with others. Outdoor restrooms are located next to the splash pad along with a large shade pavilion. The pavilion is sponsored by Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU).