Swimming Lessons
Swimming Lessons

Swimming lesson descriptions and online registration

Swimming Schedules
Swimming Schedules

Swimming schedules, wristband policy and pool user fees.

First Aid and Lifesaving
First Aid and Lifesaving

Lifeguard training courses and information.

Outdoor Pool
LaSalle Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool is open from May until September.

H2O Aquatic Centre

The Aquatic Centre at the Vollmer Complex consists of the Jennifer Cole-Cheng Leisure Pool, a sauna, spa, lazy river and water slide. The Aquatic Centre opened in 2008. The aquatic centre offers swim lessons for children, public swimming sessions and first aid and lifesaving programs.

Covid-19 Requirements

Register for Lessons and Programs

Click here to register for programs

You must pre-register to use the aquatic centre.

  • Walk-in participation and visitors will only be permitted if space allows.

  • Reservations for the entire week (Monday to Sunday) can now be scheduled beginning on the Monday of the previous week, please note that space is limited

  • Registration will commence on Tuesdays should a holiday fall on a Monday (Thanksgiving Monday)

Before Leaving Home

 Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill or have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Bring your face covering, as you will be required to wear it while in the facility.

  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your swim time.

  • Early entry into the facility will not be permitted.

  • Bring your own water bottle as water fountains and refill stations are not available at this time.

Aquatic Centre Use

  • Patrons must keep face coverings on until they enter the pool.

  • Face covering should be worn at all times by those accompanying the user, in accordance with provincial guidelines.

  • Face coverings are required when entering/exiting the area.

  • Please remember to remain physically distanced from others while entering and exiting the pool and while on the pool deck. Remain physically distanced from others while participating in your aquatic activity

  • Leave the pool and pool deck promptly at the end of your scheduled time.

  • Dressing room use is limited to 15 minutes after your scheduled pool time.

  • Please exit the building within 15 minutes and without unnecessary delay.

General Pool Information

Length, Depth and Temperature

The swimming lanes are 20 metres long. The pool has a soft-walk liner. The pool is maintained at a temperature between 84o F and 86o F. 

The lazy river is 1.1 metres deep. The pool varies in depth from 18 inches to 1.5 metres.

Sauna and Spa

Saunas aid in recovery after intense physical activity. Patrons must be a minimum of 18 years of age to use the sauna. It is recommended that all patrons limit time spent in the sauna to a maximum of ten minutes.

The Hollandia spa is heated to 102o F. Patrons must be a minimum of 16 years of age to use the sauna. It is recommended that all patrons limit time spent in the sauna to a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Changing Rooms

Spacious changing rooms are available for men, women and families. All changing rooms have restrooms, showers, lockers, benches and changing stalls. Lockers are free to use but cannot be used to store items overnight. Locks left on overnight will be removed and the contents of the locker emptied. The Town is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

Children aged 3 years and above must use their gender-appropriate changing room, or use the family change room if supervised by a guardian of the opposite gender.

Changing rooms are equipped with accessibility equipment including lifts, handicapped stalls and an adult changing table with lift and privacy curtain.

Healthy Swim Etiquette

Shower Before Swimming
  • Please shower with soap and warm water before entering the pool. This promotes water quality.
Wear Appropriate Footwear
  • Bring clean flip flops or sandals to wear on the pool deck. Street shoes are not permitted past the viewing area.
Be Courteous to Others
  • Do not spit in the pool or spit out water.

  • Do not swim if you have open wounds.
You Can Prevent Pool Foulings
  • Pool foulings may cause a pool closure anywhere from 1 hour to 13 hours. Missed classes due to pool foulings cannot be made up. Instructors will use lesson time to review swim safety on the pool deck.
  • Do not feed children large meals prior to swimming. All swimmers are encouraged to use the restroom prior to entering the pool. Children not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the reception desk.
Food-Free Zone
  • Food and drinks are not permitted on the pool deck. Only water in reusable, non-glass containers is permitted.
  • The use of any device capable of taking a photo is prohibited in the showers and change rooms.

Our Lifeguard and Pool Team


Our lifeguards are highly qualified and well trained. Our lifeguards train as a team a minimum of four times annually at the beginning of each swim session. Lifeguards are trained in water rescues, standard first aid and CPR. Lifeguards are well trained in using automated external defibrillators and spinal boards.

Our pool deck is equipped with necessary lifesaving equipment including an AED and rescue tools. 

Become a Lifeguard

Interested in joining our team? Visit our employment page to view posted positions. We only accepted applications online and do not accept resumes dropped off in person.

If you are interested in taking the necessary courses to become a lifeguard, visit our first aid and lifesaving programs page to view the minimum courses required. 

Pool Maintenance

Our pool is professionally maintained by a team of highly qualified facility operators. The operations team completes pool maintenance tasks such as:
  • Routine pool tests for chlorine, total alkalinity (TA), pH, and calcium hardness.
  • Routine spa tests
  • Chemical adjustments and pool balancing
  • Daily vacuuming and skimming
  • Regular upkeep of floor liner and tiles
  • Pump room maintenance

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