The maintenance and repair of Town owned drainage is provided through the Public Works Department. 

Should a problem persist please call the Public Works Department between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 519-969-4143. In the event of an emergency after hours, the phone will be answered by the Police Dispatch Center.

New Ditch Infills

Roadside ditches are drainage works requiring approval for alteration (infilling) unless exempted under the Act or in Ontario Regulation 525/98. Usually the installation of a culvert in a roadside ditch falls under the exemption outlined in Ontario Reg. 525/98 Section 2(1)2.  In this respect, should a homeowner wish to infill without a M.O.E. approval certificate they are required to provide a letter from a Consulting Engineer stating that the proposed piping or appurtenance does not disrupt the operation of the sewage works of which the sewer is part of. (Roadside storm drains are considered sewage works under the Act)

The installation of a professionally engineered culvert in a roadside ditch is permitted within the town right-of-way in front of your property.  The homeowner is responsible to pay all costs for the Engineer, the permit, the material, the installation, and the restoration (i.e. stone, shouldering etc.). The Town inspects the work for compliance. Only contractors Licensed with the Town can work on the Town Road Allowance. 

For more information about infilling a ditch, or to apply for a ditch infill permit please visit our Infilling a Ditch Page.

Driveway Culvert and Ditch Infill Repairs

If the existing culvert in your driveway or ditch is in poor condition the Town may replace it using our Dilapidated Culvert Policy. Under the policy the homeowner is required to purchase the new culvert or pipe and the Public Works Department will install. For more information on the culvert replacement process, or to apply for a culvert replacement, please visit our Dilapidated Culvert Replacement Page.

Roadside Drain Maintenance

Roadside Drainage maintenance in the Town of LaSalle is done on a rotational basis. The drains are assessed annually and prioritized based on condition.


Municipal Drainage

View our Municipal Drainage page for municipal drainage information and current municipal drainage projects.