Hours of operation, route, bus schedule and bus stops

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Cost to ride the bus, bus passes and tickets

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Connection to Transit Windsor buses

Passengers travelling on the LaSalle route are able to transfer to Transit Windsor routes South Windsor 7, Dougall 6 and Dominion 5. South Windsor 7 travels to Devonshire Mall and Walker Rd. Dougall 6 and Dominion 5 travel to downtown Windsor. More information about Transit Windsor routes and schedules.

Find out when the next bus will arrive

The buses are equipped with an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) providing riders with real-time bus location. This means that riders are able to send a text message and receive a reply about the next arrival time, or call and listen to automated information. Passengers can also utilize Google Transit to access trip information and travel routing with times.

Types of buses in LaSalle

The buses for transit in LaSalle are identical to the buses that are operated by Transit Windsor. They are full-size clean diesel buses.


The LaSalle route buses are fully accessible. The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) also has Stop Annunciation (AODA requirement) providing onboard voice and visual announcements. There are security cameras installed on each Transit Windsor bus. This feature enhances the safety of our riders and operators.

Bike racks

The buses are equipped with bike racks from March 15 to December 15. There is no extra charge to use the bike rack. Each rack can hold up to two bicycles. They are available first come first serve. Bike racks are available for non-motorized, two-wheeled bicycles only. More information about bike racks.

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