Snow Removal

Snow Plow

During winter events the main roads are cleared and salted first, followed by residential and secondary roads. Snow removal takes time, especially in heavy accumulation. If you see snow removal equipment, please keep a safe distance. Snow Plows can create temporary white-out conditions with blowing snow and have limited control of the amount and direction of the snow coming off the blade. Please refrain from pushing driveway snow back onto the road as this can create a hazard to the road users.

The Town of LaSalle also clears and salts municipal parking lots and facilities.

During winter snowfall, property owners are encouraged to:

  • Remove vehicles and sports equipment from roadways and park in your driveway
  • Keep catch basins clear of snow and ice for proper drainage during a thaw
  • Keep fire hydrants clear and visible
  • Clear snow and ice from the municipal sidewalk abutting your property
  • Place garbage cans and recycle bins in driveway approach, not on snow banks or the road.

It is recommended that residents wait to clear their driveway approaches until the plows have been able to clear the curb lanes. During snow removal, the equipment operators cannot lift their blade every time they come to a driveway approach.

Please see our Snow Removal Route Map for your information. Accessible formats or communication supports are available upon request. Please contact Public Works at 519-969-4143 for your request.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding during winter weather events. Let's work together to keep our roads and sidewalks safe.