Online Services Account

Customers have the option to have a paper bill mailed to them or an e-doc provided to their Online Services Account. You can login to view your Interim and Final Tax bills. Your PIN # is located on your property tax bill. Your Interim and Final Tax bill will be available through your Online Services Account once you access it; bills will not be mailed to you. For example, residents who access their Online Services Account after receiving their bill in February will receive an email in June when the next bill is prepared.

Billing Schedule

For information on the annual property tax billing schedule dates, additional tax notices, and other related information, please refer to the billing schedule page.

Payment Options

For information on the various methods of property tax payment and available property tax payment plans, please refer to the payment options page.

Property Assessment Information

For Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) contact information and information on how to file an assessment complaint, please refer to the property assessment page.

Tax Rates

For information on the latest approved property tax rates, please refer to the tax rates page.

Tax Certificates

You may now request and pay for tax certificates online using our online form.  Click the button below to complete our form.

Submit a Tax Certificate Request for Regular Service  

Submit a Tax Certificate Request for Expedited Service

Tax certificates are issued to lawyers for a fee of $75.00 per certificate. Tax certificates are processed twice per week. Verbal tax confirmation will be provided within three months of the tax certificate being issued if there is a change in the closing date of the purchase/sale. Anything further than three months requires an updated tax certificate for a fee of $75.00 per certificate. 

Expedited Tax certificates are issued to lawyers for a fee of $150.00 per certificate. Expedited Tax certificates are processed within 1-2 business days.

Tax Account Information

The Town of LaSalle does not reprint tax bills. A hard copy printout of the tax account is available for a fee of $25.00 per roll number.

Property Tax Sales

The next Sale of Land for Tax Arrears by Public Tender will take place in the fall of 2024.  Please check back here for further details.

Property Tax Relief

Charity Rebates

Registered charities occupying commercial or industrial properties may be eligible for a 40% tax rebate.  To apply, submit a letter requesting the rebate including:

  • Charity Name
  • Charity Registration Number
  • Address, legal description of the property and the roll number
  • Details of the space occupied ie. square footage

Applications must be received by the last day in February of the following taxation year for which the application is made to:

  • Mail to:  The Town of LaSalle, c/o Revenue Division, 5950 Malden Rd, LaSalle, Ontario, N9H 1S4
  • By email to Revenue Division 
  • By fax at 519-969-4029

County By-law 16-2007

Application Form

Low Income Seniors and Person with Disabilities

Low income seniors who receive support through the Guarantee Income Supplement and low income people with disabilities who receive support through the Ontario Disability Support Program can make an application for a property tax rebate.  The qualifications are:

  • The tax increase must exceed $50.00 for the residential property portion of the assessment for any single year.
  • The property must be the principle residence of the owner or spouse of such owner or both.

Applications must be received by September 1st in the year to which the application applies.

County By-law 04-2004

Application Form

Section 357/358 - Application for Adjustment of Taxes

Section 357 and 358 Application allows for the reduction, refund or cancellation of the taxes.  Applications may be submitted for the following reasons:

  • Ceased to be liable to be taxed at the rate it was taxed
  • Became exempt
  • Razed by fire, demolition or otherwise
  • Damaged and substantially unusable
  • Gross or manifest clerical/factual error
  • Repair/Renovations preventing normal use

This form must be submitted to the Corporation of the Town of LaSalle by February 28th of the year following the year for which the application is made.  Applications are accepted using the following methods:

  • Mail to:  The Town of LaSalle, c/o Revenue Division, 5950 Malden Rd, LaSalle, Ontario, N9H 1S4
  • By email to Revenue Division
  • By fax at 519-969-4029

Once MPAC has completed the re-assessment, the Municipality is provided with the documentation of the change.  Once approved adjustments will be made to the property tax account and the owner will be eligible for a refund or the credit will remain on the account.